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We produce wire

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gallery/ringai viela

Pattern laid coils (Rosettes)

Wire- annealed

Ø from 2,0mm till 3,9mm

Weight from 50kg till 600kg

gallery/viela kasetese
Wire on sticks. Wire- annealed/ galvanized. Ø from 1,0mm till 1,2mm. Weight till 200g
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gallery/viela kibiruose
gallery/vielos kilpinukai
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gallery/vielos stiebeliai su kilpomis
gallery/viela sukarpyta stiebeliais


„RINGS“ made of wire (for binding)

Wire- annealed, unannealed, galvanized

Ø from 2,0mm till 6,0mm

Weight from 25kg till 100kg

Wire in cassetes

Wire – annealed/ galvanized

Ø from 1,2mm till 2,5mm

Weight from 15kg till 17kg

Wire on sticks

Wire- annealed/ galvanized

Ø from 1,0mm till 1,2mm

Weight till 200g

Spooled WIRE coils

(Brehmerrings for bailing purposed)

Wire- annealed/ galvanized

Ø from 1,2mm till 3,8mm

In 2kg/ 5kg/ 20kg/ 40kg/ 45kg

Low-carbon steel wire

Wire- annealed / galvanized

Ø from 1,2mm till 1,4mm

Weight ca. 200kg

1 piece weight 20kg

Wire- annealed

Ø 1,2mm

Length from 100mm till 160mm

Packed ca.1000pc.

Cramps made of wire for roof constructives

Wire- galvanized/  rust free

Ø from 1,1mm till1,2mm

Length from 300mm till 450mm

Wire Bars with eye (for bailing purposes)

Wire- galvanized/ annealed

Ø from 2,0mm till 3,8mm

Length from 500mm till 5000mm

Straighten and cutted wire in bars

Wire- annealed/ galvanized/ unannealed

Ø from 0,8mm till 6,0mm

Length from 100mm till 6000mm

LENTON products

If you have any questions to these products, please dont hesitate to contact our project manager Regimantas Bacevičius


Rebar splicing system